Friday, May 25, 2012

Stampin' Up! Coasters

Hi Stampers!!
I took my stamps to stone — instead of paper — for a recent craft project. Here is how I made some gift coasters.

StazOn ink pads are a few bucks more ($7.95 for jet black) but they are worth it. 
I found these 4 x4 tiles at Lowe's.  Try to pick a type with a smooth surface and no finishing.  The tiles with the glossy glaze will not absorb the ink.  
Your coasters will be a bit dusty so I wiped them down with a wet cloth.  Once they are dried pick your desired rubber stamp for your image.  I used all different images on these five tiles.  The StazOn ink bled a bit into the stone after setting.  If you press to hard, it will become blurry. I let them sit for a few hours to allow the StazOn ink to dry.  Once dried I placed the little furry dots onto the bottoms so they sit nice on your table. 

This was a fun project that anyone can do.  

If you end up trying this let me know how you did.


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  1. Love these. I am going to try this out soon, need one for my craft room for my iced drinks! :)